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Discover the Symptoms of Insulin Resistance and Find Out If You Have Insulin Resistance

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Insulin resistance symptoms and causes are varied. Insulin is a hormone which is released into the blood and travels around the body. It’s purpose is to control the way the body deals with carbohydrates, sugars, starch and proteins, and to regulate the cells of the body, particularly with regard to growth.

Insulin resistance is where the cells of the body become resistant to the effects of the insulin thus making the body produce higher levels in order for it to have it’s desired effect on the body.

As all major tissues become insulin resistant the pancreas starts putting out more insulin to try to compensate. The pancreas eventually becomes unable to keep up the high level of insulin production and starts to slow down.

Some of the symptoms are as follows:

Leading to a constant feeling of tiredness where simple tasks become a problem. The inertia can lead to feelings of inadequacy and depression. Constant fatigue also leads to an inability to focus of anything, forgetfulness and loss of interest.

Low Blood Sugar
This causes moodiness and agitation. If meals are too far apart it can cause nausea and dizziness, which is relieved after a meal.

Irregular Periods and Infertility
Women with insulin resistance often have irregular periods, and can experience an increased growth in body hair. They are usually unable to conceive and this becomes a mental as well as physical problem.

Severe bloating in the stomach after eating is caused by a build up of stomach gases associated with eating the wrong carbohydrates.

High Blood Pressure
High blood pressure can lead to a heart attack, a stroke, kidney failure and impotence. The problem with high pressure is that there are often no symptoms other than perhaps a headache. So it’s best to have regular tests to ensure your blood pressure is normal.

Skin Lesions
Skin lesions, can appear as a darkening and toughening of the skin in certain areas, acne, and skin tags.

Weight Gain
Obesity is a common symptom of insulin resistance, particularly if other members of your family are also overweight. It may also be due to overeating and lack of exercise.

Diabetes is the result of too much glucose in the blood. Symptoms include increased thirst, frequent urination, itchiness in the genital area and reoccurring infections on the skin which don’t heal up rapidly.

Any of the above symptoms could be a sign you are suffering from insulin resistance and you should therefore visit your doctor so that tests can be carried out. Once a diagnosis is confirmed it’s possible to turn your life around and become healthy again.

Any symptoms should be treated seriously, as a delay in visiting the surgery could result in a more serious problem. Insulin resistance can be treated but it’s essential that early symptoms should not be ignored.

Any insulin resistance symptoms can be very debilitating and cause a lot of stress, but essentially they can also develop into very serious illnesses, so don’t delay if you think you have the problem see your doctor today.

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